Thursday, November 3, 2011

Los Angeles gears up for LA EigaFest

by Chris MaGee

The J-Film Pow-Wow inbox has been getting flooded during our brief period of down time by fans of Japanese film in Los Angeles... and rightly so. The city is gearing up for a do not miss event -- The LA EigaFest, a celebration of Japanese film taking place between November 11th and 13th at LA's Chinese Theatres (6801 Hollywood Boulevard).

This 3-day event is bookended by two of the most talked about films on the international festival circuit, Yoshimasa Ishibashi's "Milocrorze: A Love Story" will open the festival (with star Takayuki Yamada in attendance) and LA EigFest will close with Takashi Miike's jidaigeki remake "Harakiri: The Death of a Samurai" (above). In between, though, the programmers of the festival have brought together some real treats of J-film fans. These include Yuya Ishii's latest quirky comedy "A Man with Style", Yoshihiro Nishimura's gorefest "Helldriver", Junji Sakamoto's drama "Someday" (The last film by veteran actor Yoshio Harada), Su-yeon Gu's gangster film "Hard Romantiker (starring Shota Matsuda) and Reiko Ohashi's indie favorite "Door to the Sea". The fest will also be holding a free screening of Hiroshi Nagashima's hour-long documentary "Remembrance of Tohoku Earthquake – Our Gratitude for Bonds of Friendship of the World".

Of course there will be more going on at LA EigaFest than we can outline in a short news item. Do yourself a favor and head to their official website here to get all the details... and if you're in Los Angeles then make sure to get out to see some great film!

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