Monday, November 28, 2011

Shinobu Yaguchi's "Robo-G" Gets a Trailer

by Marc Saint-Cyr

This past summer, we first reported on the latest comedy in the works from Shinobu Yaguchi, the director known for such comedies as "Waterboys" (2001), "Swing Girls" (2004) and "Happy Flight" (2008). The new film, entitled "Robo-G," stars Gaku Hamada, Shogo Kawai and Junya Kawashima as a trio of bumbling cyberneticists whose new robot is destroyed before its presentation at a robotics convention, forcing them to try to pass off an old man in a robot costume (Mickey Curtis, AKA Shinjiro Igarashi) as their latest invention. Thanks to Twitch, we now have a trailer for this latest effort from Yaguchi which, to the familiar notes of Styx' "Mr. Roboto," presents a taste of what looks like will be a very wacky and entertaining work.

Check out the trailer to see for yourself:

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