Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hitoshi Takekiyo's animated short "After School Midnight" goes feature length in 2012

by Chris MaGee

I have to 100% honest and say that before reading this post at Anime News Network I was unaware of animator Hitoshi Takekiyo and his 2007 computer animated short film "After School Midnight". I had to do a quick Google search on this 7-minute comedy about an anatomical dummy who comes to life overnight at a high school, and I am so glad I could track it down. It's pretty funny stuff and beautifully put together as well (to take a look for yourself just click here). Now, four years after Takekiyo produced "After School Midnight " there is news that he will be expanding it into a a full length animated feature.

Apparently Takekiyo will be teaming up with manga artist Yōichi Komori, who will pen the script for a full version of "After School Midnight", and Japanese mini-theatre chain T-Joy will be screening the end result in its theatres next year. Will 7-minutes of zany anime be able to be stretched into a watchable feature film? With the creativity on display in the original short our vote is for "yes".

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