Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly Trailers

Zombie Ass - Noboru Iguchi (2011)

Danger! Noboru Iguchi, the man who brought us "The Machine Girl" and "RoboGeisha" returns with the tale of a battle between high school girls and zombies... and there's a lot of ass involved. Okay, there's more than just ass going on in the trailer for "Zombie Ass". There's exploding heads too! "Zombie Ass" is due for a Japanese theatrical release next month.

Tarao Bannai - Norifumi Suzuki (1978)

Famed early 70's exploitation director Norifumi Suzuki shifted gears in '78 to bring to screen the adventures of fictional detective Tarao Bannai. Lead actor Akira Kobayashi, famous for portraying tough guy gangsters is nearly unrecognizable as the titular sleuth.

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