Thursday, March 8, 2012

Takeshi Kitano asked to helm an adult film?

by Chris MaGee

Let's do a rundown here... Takeshi Kitano has made yakuza films ("Sonatine", "Brother"), Cop films "Hana-bi"), kids films ("Kikujiro"), comedies ("Getting Any?") and straight drama ("A Scene at the Sea"). One thing he hasn't made is a sex film. No, we're not campaigning for a Takeshi Kitano sex tape (dear god, no!), but we are just saying he's never made a specifically erotic film. Maybe soon he'll get his chance.

According to The Tokyo Reporter Kitano was publicly asked by gravure idol-turned-AV actress Minako Komukai to direct her in a film. The 26-year-old adult star, most recently in the news for her 2010 drug conviction, was on hand at 21st Tokyo Sports Film Awards this past weekend to receive the 12th Beat Takeshi Entertainment Award. It was while receiving the trophy that Komukai, who had announced last year that she would be retiring from the adult industry, planted a kiss on Kitano's cheek and said I’ve said that my career in AV is finished, but if Takeshi will agree to direct I will gladly perform once more.” How did Kitano respond? “Whether as an actor or director I will welcome it.” Okay that's not a yes, and it's not a no... We can only let our minds drift into the gutter a little and imagine what a Kitano/ Komukai production would look like.

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