Monday, April 2, 2012

An amazing look at Japan's past -- Kendo combat circa 1897 captured on film

by Chris MaGee

Japan's cinematic history goes as far back as the genesis of motion picture technology. The first Lumiere Cinematograph (above) motion picture cameras were brought from Paris to Kyoto by sik dyestuffs importer/ exporter Katsutaro Inabata in 1897, but Inabata didn't just bring back this miraculous new technology with him to Japan. He also brought one of the Lumiere Brother's employees, François Girel, to Kyoto to act as cameraman and technician. Inabata and Girel would shoot the very first motion pictures in japanese history using these Cinematographs, and thanks to the eagle eye of one of our regular UK readers, Marc Evans, we can all witness one of these very first films. Marc shared this film (posted on Youtube) of a kendo practice in Kyoto circa 1897. It's absolutely fascinating stuff! Check it out!


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