Monday, April 2, 2012

Animator Koji Yamamura teams up with Takeshi Kitano for opening of new TV show

by Chris MaGee

Comedian/ actor/ director Takeshi Kitano and animator Koji Yamamura -- these are two men that have a lot of fans around these parts. Obviously the former is someone who needs no introduction, but if you're hesitating a little on the second name then let us refresh your memory. Yamamura is the man behind the Oscar-nominated short film "Atama Yama (Mt. Head)" as well as the equally trippy "Franz Kafka's The Country Doctor". So, what do Kitano and Yamamura have in common? Well, the latter has just animated the opening sequence for the former's latest NHK TV show titled "Takeshi's Art Beat". Any of you who have spent time in Japan know that Kitano is one of, if not the most ubiquitous celebrities on the small screen, and this latest program follows Kitano as he explores one of his favorite subjects: contemporary art. (Kitano's a painter as well, you know!)

You can check out the opening for NHK's "Takeshi's Art Beat" by following this link and scrolling down to the flash video. Thanks to Catsuka for this fun bit of news.