Saturday, April 14, 2012

North American Release Date and Trailer for Hirokazu Kore-eda's "I Wish" Unveiled

by Marc Saint-Cyr

Here is some news that is surely getting a lot of Japanese film fans very excited: Apple's trailer website recently posted a new, polished trailer for "I Wish" the latest film by Hirokazu Kore-eda, the master behind such beloved works as "After Life," "Nobody Knows," "Still Walking" and "Air Doll." The film's North American release will be handled by Magnolia Pictures, which will be putting the film in theatres on May 11th. Additionally, Toronto audiences will have the opportunity to see the film earlier than that when it screens at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre on the evening of April 26th. Having seen the film last year at the Toronto International Film Festival, I can fully state that this was a welcome treat certainly worthy of holding company with Kore-eda's past successes. This new trailer does a great job of highlighting the complex layers of emotions and detailed perspective on the bonds between parents and children that all make the film such a pleasurable experience. Hopefully, Kore-eda fans out there will take note and make this a priority when it comes out in select theatres in a few weeks time - it is certainly worth it. To read more about what some of us at the Pow-Wow thought of it, feel free to check out Nicholas Vroman's site review and my guest review for VCinema.

Readers can now watch the trailer in HD over at Apple and visit Magnolia's main page for the film.


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