Friday, May 16, 2008

The House of Ishii

With his latest film “Yama no Anata” getting so-so reviews I guess Katsuhito Ishii thought it best to diversify. has word today of his new t-shirt line that has been set up through his production company Nice Rainbow. The jewel of the line is the Ishii designed Kaorider-T based on his Hal & Bons animated dogs characters. “Wear it many times, wash it many times,” Ishii recommends, “even color it with your own taste to wear it like a worn out work clothes.” Now if I could only squeeze my North American girth into those slim Japanese sizes… Fat chance.

Not only can you pick up the Kaorider-T, but also “Funky Forest” and “A Taste of Tea” merchandise for between ¥500 to ¥12,600 ($4.75 to $119.75 CDN). Who knows, Ishii may come up with his own cologne soon, or his own brand of mineral water. The possibilities are endless!

Check out Don Brown’s Original report at here:

And check out the full line if t-shirts here:

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