Thursday, May 22, 2008

Naoto Takenaka to bring us schoolgirls vs. samurai in “Yamagata Scream”

Naoto Takenaka gives Takeshi Kitano a run for his money. The comedian, actor, writer, director, singer and TV host that North American audiences will best remember as Koji Yakusho’s manic, wig wearing ballroom dancing rival/ ally in “Shall We Dance?” is probably the only person that could make “Beat” tired; acting in 119 films, hosting 14 TV shows since 1985, appearing in 16 different stage productions, releasing 8 albums and contributing essays to 7 books! Geez Louise!

Well, now Takenaka is stepping behind the camera to bring us what he’s describing as "J-horror-samurai-zombie-comedy pitting schoolgirls against warriors." To be more specific the film will be set in a small town in Yamagata prefecture where a salaryman and a high school girl unwittingly unleash zombie samurai from 16th century Japan after disturbing their graves. Takenaka will also star as the zombie general (here’s some concept art for his character to wet your appetites).

This isn’t really brand new news, in fact Twitch ran a story about “Yamagata Scream” back in October, but new info keeps dribbling out and the film isn’t slated to hit Japanese theatres until 2009, so I thought I’d post something here at The Pow-Wow to let everyone know. Personally, I’m really looking forward to this one.

Read a recent report about “Yamagata Scream” at Variety Asia Online and check out some details of the film (in Japanese) at the PIA website here.

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