Friday, January 9, 2009

Style Jam and director Yuri Nomura bring us to the dinner table with "eattrip"

by Chris MaGee

There's zero English-language information on this one at the moment, so let me do my best with my limited Japanese... Style Jam, the people behind such films as Satoshi Miki's "Adrift in Tokyo" and Yosuke Fujita's "Fine, Totally Fine" will be releasing a 78-minute documentary this summer about a subject that we can all relate to: food. Its title "eattrip" comes from the name of the Tokyo restaurant and catering company whose goal is to not just dish up delicious gourmet fare, but also to create total dining experiences utilizing lighting, flowers, entertainment, etc. Documentary director Yuri Nomura takes us to a series of these "eattrip" events and she brings together an eclectic guest list to discuss how food can connect people and be used as a communication tool as well as to satisfy the palette. Who are these guests you may ask? Everybody from Tadanobu Asano, singer Kaori Shima better known under her stage name, UA, dancer Yasushi Sudou as well as a housewife from Okinawa and a Buddhist priest. Now that sounds like a dinner party I'd like to go to!

You can check out eattrip's official website here and learn more about Nomura's "eattrip" documentary at Style Jam's website here. Thanks to for the heads up.

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