Wednesday, February 18, 2009

(The much belated) Teaser trailer for Sabu's "Kanikōsen (The Cannery Boat)"

by Chris MaGee

This is what happens when you rush around trying to keep up with the river of news that comes through daily. You miss things; but not only do you miss them and report on them later... In this case I wrote the story on Sunday and just realized now that I forgot to post it! Sorry, Mack...

Took a bit of time off this weekend to decompress after a busy week, but I checked my email and there was a message from Twitch Film's Andrew Mack alerting me to the brand new teaser trailer for Sabu's big screen adaptation of the 1929 left-wing novel "Kanikōsen" by Japanese author Takiji Kobayashi. The story of the mutiny on a crab fishing boat became a surprise bestseller in Japan with hundreds of thousands of disaffected young people and Sabu, whose previous films have included "Monday", "Dangan Runner" and "The Blessing Bell", wanted to speak directly to the novel's new fans by making a film with a "modern pop influence in its costumes and design." You can definitely see evidence of that in the 40 second spot for the film due out later this year, but even with the hip-looking duds and the handsome good looks of Ryuhei Matsuda it sill appears that Sabu is delivering a pretty grotty picture of life on a crab boat, one that gets the crew riled enough to mutiny and organize for their rights.

If you believe there's strength in a union then get over to Twitch now to get a peek at this upcoming film.

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