Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Dance Sabaru - Chi-Ngai Lee (2009)

Based on Masahito Soda’s manga “Dance Sabaru” features Meisa Kuroki as a young dancer who after the death of her twin brother makes it her goal to succeed as a prima ballerina. Co-starring Kaori Momoi and helmed by Hong Kong director Chi-Ngai Lee “dance Sabuaru” is set to hit Japanese theatres on March 20th.

Burst City - Sogo Ishii (1982)

Sogo Ishii’s seminal dystopian film about bike gangs and disaffected youth crammed into settlements around a proposed nuclear power plant featured the keys acts of Japan’s early 80s punk movement including The Rockers, The Roosters, Inu, and The Stalin. A must see for fans of punk and of Ishii’s 1980 indie film “Crazy Thunder Road”.

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