Friday, August 7, 2009

The Japan Foundation Toronto to screen Hisako Matsui's drama "Oriume"

by Chris MaGee

Leave it up to the folks at the Toronto offices of the Japan Foundation to bring Japanese films to the city that you don't normally ever get a chance to see (well, the Japan Foundation and The Shinsedai Cinema Festival ). On August 17th they're doing it again by screening Hisako Matsui's 2002 film "Oriume". the film tells the story of housewife Tomoe, played by Mieko Harada, as she not only struggles with a workoholic husband, but her month-in-law (Kazuko Yoshiyuki) who is slowly and sadly deteriorating due to Alzheimer's Disease. "Oriume" was written by Akane Shiratori, who 's worked for years as a script supervisor on such films as "Stray Cat Rock: Wild Measures '71", and the controversial "Prophecies of Nostradamus". Obviously this one is a change of gears from those earlier projects, but one that looks like a very thoughtful film. So if you want to check out "Oriume" (And why wouldn't you? It's FREE), then just RSVP for the 7:00 pm screening on August 19th at the Japan Foundation website here.

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