Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Black Gaisha ni Tsutometerundaga, Mou Ore wa Genkai Kamoshirenai - Yoichi Sato (2009)

We've all felt like we've had days where we think the company we work for isn't looking out for outr best interests, but in the case of Teppei Koike's character in Yuchi Sato's "Black Gaisha ni Tsutometerundaga, Mou Ore wa Genkai Kamoshirenai", loosely translated to "The company I work for is black, and I've reached my limit" that really is the case. After the death of his mother Kuroi (Koike) must leave home, the internet and join the real flesh and blood world. That means getting a job at a black gaisha, a company that works its employees to death.

Las Vegas Free-for-All - Takashi Tsuboshima (1967)

Don't feel bad if you shake your head in confusion and disbelief when you watch this trailer for Takashi Tsuboshima's 1967 comedy "Las Vegas Free-for-All". I did. "Free-for-All" features Japanese comedy troupe The Crazy Cats, often referred to as "the greatest comedy team you've never heard of", as they take on America's gambling mecca. This one was actually shot on location in Vegas, Los Angeles and Hawaii, plus look out for surf guitar legend and actor Yuzo Kayama in the trailer. Watch out, Rat Pack! There's a new pack in town!

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