Friday, October 30, 2009

Rinpa Eshidan + a skateboard ramp = Awesome

by Chris MaGee

I'm a fan of Rinpa Eshidan. I said it way back last June and I'll say it again now. Yes, this Tokyo-based collective puts on "performance art" for lack of a better term, but we're not talking about some guy wrapped in toilet paper slapping himself in the head with a dead mackerel and reciting Rimbaud (although that would be cool too). Rinpa Eshidan take over spaces with their creativity by painting and re-painting walls, floors and ceiling with their graffiti inspired work and then capture the process using time lapse photography. They have their own YouTube channel but it had been quiet for quite a few months, but thanks to Pink Tentacle for catching a new Rinpa video posted just a month ago. Titled "ifo x Rinpa" is has the crew taking on a skateboard ramp, a locale that's perfect for their youthful vibe. Check out the full video below.

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