Friday, April 2, 2010

Catholic school girl novel/ manga to get the live-action film treatment

by Chris MaGee

If you have a fetish for Catholic school girls then you're in luck. According to Nippon Cinema Oyuki Konno’s series of light novels "Maria-sama ga Miteru (Maria Watches Over Us)" is being turned into a live-action film. The series of 37 books, which have alreday been adapted into a manga and an anime, follows the lives of the teengage students at Tokyo's Lillian Catholic School for Girls.

For this live-action adaptation 13-year-old model Miki Honoka will star as Yumi Fukuzawa, a newcomer to Lillian who is taken under the wing of school senior Sachiko Ogasawara, played by fellow 18-year-old model Haru. It's apparently the tradition at Lillian for a senior student to give their rosary to a younger student as a symbolic way of offering friendship and guidance.

While I have to admit ignorance when it comes to "Maria-sama ga Miteru", but I will say that while trying to track down an image to accompany this news item I had to wade through a fair amount of... um, let me say... creatively underdressed fan images of the characters from the manga and anime. Guess there are quite a few folks out there with a Catholic school girl fetish. We'll pray for them. "Maria-sama ga Miteru" is slated for a release in Japanese theatres this fall.

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