Friday, May 7, 2010

Mainstream Maria Ozawa comedy finally gets theatrical release in Indonesia

by Chris MaGee

It was last October that we reported on how the streets of Jakarta had erupted in protest after it was announced that Japanese AV star Maria Ozawa was going to be making in film in Indonesia's capital city. Here's the thing though - this wasn't going to be your usual Maria Ozawa film, ie: a porn film. The 24-year-old half-Japanese/ half-Canadian porn star has been trying to segue out of having sex on camera and this film, a teen comedy written by Radika Ditya titled "Kidnapping Miyabi" was just such a mainstream project. No sex, no nudity, just a goofball comedy in which Ozawa basically played herself (Miyabi is the name Ozawa goes by in Indonesia). Miyabi is accidentally kidnapped by three teenagers and ends up stuck in Jakarta. In the end she decides to stay and opens up a lingerie shop. Regardless of whether Ozawa was keeping her clothes on or not the Muslim citizens of Jakarta were having none of it and basically shut production on "Kidnapping Miyabi" down... or so we thought.

According to Japan Today the producers of "Kidnapping Miyabi" didn't just abandon the project after the Jakarta protests. Instead they just shot 70% of the film in Jakarta while Ozawa's scenes were shot in Tokyo, and are now the completed film is being released it in Indonesian theatres. Is there still a controversy? With the deputy chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council making a public statement saying that "Kidnapping Miyabi" will "serve as a door for teenagers seeking porn DVDs starring Miyabi," it's obvious that the hard line Muslims aren't happy about the release.

To see what all the fuss was about you can check out the trailer for "Kidnapping Miyabi" below... and it is entirely work safe!

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