Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Happy Ending - Atsuhiro Yamada (2009)

Momoko isn't your average girl. She's a movie buff, but not for the chick flicks that most of the other girls her age love. Her passion is slasher and horror films. She doesn't need all that girly crap! The only problem is that after meeting a young man at the library where she works she soon finds her horror-loving heart softening and her life begins to resemble the movies she hates so much.

The Mosquito on the 10th Floor - Yochi Sai (1983)

Director Yoichi Sai, the man behind such films as "Doing Time" and "Blood and Bones" tells the story of a police officer who is barely upholding the law and barely holding himself together. can anyone say "Bad Lieutenant"-Japanese style?

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