Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Neck - Shi Shirakawa (2010)

Scares and laughs go hand in hand in Shi Shirakawa's latest film "Neck", the story of true love and a horrific new invention. University student Shudo has fallen hard for his classmate Sugina, so when she asks him to help her with an experiment she's working on he immediately agrees. Little does he know that the experiment is the "Neck Machine" a box that brings your worst nightmares to life.


Daibyounin (The Seriously Ill)- Juzo Itami (1993)

A veteran film director (Rentaro Mikuni) collapses while making his latest film. He's taken to hospital where he is told he is fatally ill.... but what about his film, his now final film? Juzo Itami, the man who brought us "Tampopo" and "A Taxing Woman" used his patented brand of social satire to take on both the Japanese health care system and filmmaking itself in this, his 1993 film.

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