Saturday, January 29, 2011

New 35mm print of Kaneto Shindo's "Kuroneko" coming to Toronto's Bloor Cinema

by Chris MaGee

It was back in October that we reported that the folks at Janus Films was touring a freshly struck 35mm print of Kaneto Shindo's "Kuroneko" around U.S. theatres. Colour us jealous as us Japanese film fans up here in Canada would have loved to get a look at this horror tale of a pair of evil feline spirits who haunt the Rashomon Gate with our own eyes. Well, now it looks like we will!

Word has come down from Toronto's Bloor Cinema that this new print of "Kuroneko" will be heading to our city for an exclusive run between February 11 to 17th. Of course this screening can only mean that Janus and their colleagues at The Criterion Collection must be readying a DVD release of Shindo's film later this year. Still, that's no excuse to get off your behinds and go see the film in all its big screen glory next month, Toronto!

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