Saturday, March 5, 2011

Actor and author Ken Maeda adds a new position to his resume - director

by Chris MaGee

In 2009 37-year-old TV tarento Ken Maeda (above left) switched from appearing on various TV series and films like "Dance Subaru" and "Inubaka" to penning his own book. The end result was a series of stories titled "Soredemo Hana wa Saiteiku". Now, two years later the star is switching gears again and has directed a screen adaptation of his own book.

Maedea had apparently heard that his book was being optioned for a film, so he immediately volunteered to be the man in the director's chair. The good news is he got the job and now he is getting ready for the May 7th release of "Soredemo Hana wa Saiteiku" in Japanese theatres.

The film follows the book's omnibus style with actors Takashi Nishina, Kenichi Takito and Hiroyuki Hirayama playing a trio of different characters - a man obsessed with Lolita fashion in "Edelweiss", a man caught trespassing in "Hyacinth" and a man who is a certified mother's bot in "Pansy".

Thanks to Tokyograph for this piece of news.

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