Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Trailers

Tantei wa Bar ni Iru - Hajima Hashimoto (2011)

Yo Oizumi and Ryuhei Matsuda co-star in Hajima Hashimoto 's screen adaptation of mystery author Naomi Azuma’s novel “Bar ni Kakatte Kita Denwa”. Oizumi is a Sapporo-based private detective drawn into a risky new case and Matsuda plays his sidekick. "Tantei wa Bar ni Iru" is set for release in Japanese theatres on September 10th.

The X from Outer Space - Kazui Nihonmatsu (1967)

Toho kicked off the kaiju movie genre with "Gojira" in 1954 and followed him up with such giant baddies as King Ghidorah and Mothra. The folks at Daiei had to jump on the bandwagon and brought us "Gamera" and "Daimajin". Shochiku felt left out so in 1967 they brought us the their own giant monster, Guilala, in "The X from Outer Space".

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