Monday, September 26, 2011

A photograph for Japanese film lovers

by Chris MaGee

Just this afternoon our own Bob Turnbull sent the above photo around to all of us here at the J-Film Pow-Wow. Don't recognize these gentleman all grouped together? Well, take a closer look because what we have in this photo are some of the legends of Japanese film all in one spot circa 1936 at the founding ceremony of the Japan Film Directors Society.

Here's a list of who's in the picture:

Front row, from left: Teinosuke Kinugasa, Yoshinobu Ikeda, Sadao Yamanaka, Mansaku Itami, Heinosuke Gosho, Minoru Murata, Shigeyoshi Suzuki, Kenji Mizoguchi

Second row, from left: Tomotaka Tasaka, Yasujiro Shimazu, Hiroshi Shimizu, Yutaka Abe,
Kiyohiko Ushihara, Kajiro Yamamoto, Yasujiro Ozu, Tomu Uchida

Third row, from left: Mikio Naruse, Kintaro Inoue

Wow! Thanks to Vermillion and One Nights via MUBI... and Bob of course... for this amazing pic.

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