Friday, October 24, 2008

Another geek alert! “Electric Dragon 80,000V” action figures?!

by Chris MaGee

Earlier this month I posted an item about “Seven Samurai” action figures for all you collectors out there. Well, as I was searching around online for some stills from Sogo Ishii’s fantastic 2001 noise rock action film “Electric Dragon 80,000V” what do you think I came across? Of course, the pic’s right there! “Electric Dragon 80,000V” action figures! Holy crap! Now, I’m not a toy collector, but this is pretty wild. 12” figures of Tadanobu Asano’s super-charged Dragon Eye Morrison and Masatoshi Nagase’s Thunderbolt Buddha each with their own tin cases… but for $350.00?!?! If these came with Discotek’s DVD/ Soundtrack set of the film then maybe, just maybe I could understand, but there are things like rent and groceries to consider, no?

For those with an expendable income head to to check out the full details.

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