Friday, October 31, 2008

Beat Takeshi takes over the airwaves in Japan on November 30th

by Chris MaGee

Okay, so it's not like Takeshi Kitano hasn't already taken over the television airwaves in Japan. He hosts serious panel discussion, shows up on comedy shows, interviews, commercials, etc, etc, but this is a bit of a special occasion. According to Japan Zone Beat is going to be one of three comedians that Japanese network NTV is giving 2.5 hour programming cart blanche to between November 28th and November 30th as part of the network's 55th anniversary. The other two comedians involved will be Akashiya Sanma who will be using his time slot to go live answering questions, ad libbing and joking with a phone-in audience, while comedian Tamori will spend 2.5 hours delving into unsolved mysteries, but not of the "Is there a Bigfoot?" variety. Japan Zone says they will be more along the lines of "why people get fired up when they hear the theme to 'Rocky.'" As to what Kitano has planned is anyone's guess, and I guess only those of you lucky enough to be in Japan at the end of November will find out. If you catch Kitano's program make sure to email in or leave a comment. Us folks in Toronto would love to know.

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