Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekly Trailers

Chameleon: The Long Goodbye - Junji Sakamoto (2008)

Junji Sakamoto, best known to North American audiences for the 2000 drama "Kao (Face)", shifts gears with an action thriller with "Chameleon: The Long Goodbye". The script was originally written 30 years ago as a vehicle for Japanese film idol Yusaku Matsuda, but now features "Battle Royale" and "Death Note" star Tetsuya Fujiwara as one of a group small time cons who witness a kidnapping after which they each begin to be murdered. Fujiwara's character must fight for his life against whoever is trying to cover the kidnapping up.

Momojiri Musume (Pink Hip Girl) - Koyu Ohara (1978)

Rena is trying to find her friend Yuko who’s left Tokyo after splitting up from her boyfriend. Worried about Yuko’s mental state Rena discovers that her best friend is getting over her break-up the best way she knows how: by hooking up with a string of other guys. Koyu Ohara’s comic pink road movie “Momojiri musume” went on to spawn three sequels and started the careers of pink eiga actresses Ako and Kahori Takeda.

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