Friday, October 17, 2008

CONTEST: "Revenge of a Kabuki Actor" DVD Giveaway Winners

Well, our AnimEigo sponsored "Revenge of a Kabuki Actor" DVD Giveaway turned out to be one of our most well received contests to date with a record number of entrants posting one of the following answers to the skill testing question "What is the Japanese name used for a male Kabuki actor who only plays women's roles?": Onnagata, Wakashu or Oyama. The latter was the term used in the film, but all were correct (not a cut and dried answer for this contest), but there could be only 3 winners and here they are:

Sugato Banerjee of Toronto, Ontario

Jennifer Emily of Hamilton, Ontario

David Michael Green of Cape Cod, Massachussets

All will be receiving a free DVD copy of Kon Ichikawa's 1963 film "Revenge of a Kabuki Actor" courtesy of AnimEigo and Koch Entertainment, and of course thanks to all who entered!

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