Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Evokative Films picks up Canadian rights to Sion Sono's "Hazard"

by Chris MaGee

I had the real pleasure of finally meeting and sharing a few beers with Stéphanie Trépanier, the woman behind Canada's new international and genre film distribution company Evokative Films during TIFF 2008. We got to swap some film fan war stories and discuss a few of our favorite movies and one that it turned out we both had a real love for was Sion Sono's 2005 cross-cultural crime drama "Hazard". We both agreed that it was a real shame that this story of a young Japanese man (Jo Odagiri) who comes to New York to shake up his boring existence had not seen a North American release, especially since so many other Sion Sono films ("Suicide Circle", "Strange Circus" and "Exte") already had.

Well, Stéphanie has put her money where her mouth is and picked up the rights to "Hazard" and added it to her already impressive Evokative catalogue. No word on a street date for a DVD of the film yet, but I know she's lining up other releases for Spring of next year, so let's keep our fingers crossed that we'll see this great film in stores early in 2009.

Read my review of "Hazard" here and check out Evokative Film's official website here.

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