Monday, October 6, 2008

Takashi Miike's "Crows Zero" to be turned back into a manga

by Chris MaGee

Okay, listen up and see if you can follow me on this. Hiroshi Takahashi's wildly popular juvenile delinquent manga "Crows" got picked up by the folks at Toho who tagged Takashi Miike to direct a live-action prequel "Crows Zero" in 2007. It did over ¥2 billion at the Japanese box office, so they're getting Miike to direct a sequel, "Crows Zero 2" set for release next year. Now here's where it gets tricky. Young Champion Magazine published by manga publishing power house Akita Shoten has now tagged artist Kenichirō Naitō to take Miike's prequels and turn them into manga.

One more time, okay? "Crows" starts as a manga, then gets turned into a film by Miike, well two films, and now those films are going to get turned back into manga.

Confused? No, didn't think so, although it really makes you appreciate how everything in pop culture just keeps getting recycled, doesn't it? The new "Crows Zero" manga covering the old "Crows" storyline... that's new... will premiere in Young Champion's 50th anniversary issue to be published November 13th.

Thanks to Anime News Network for screwing with our heads with this one.

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