Monday, October 27, 2008

Seijun Suzuki vows to keep directing at this year's Tokyo Project Gathering

by Chris MaGee

This isn't so much a hard news story as it is a feel good news item. Well, a feel good news item for us fans of Japanese cinema anyhow because how could 85-year-old film legend Seijun Suzuki declaring that he has no plans to give up his spot in the director's chair not make you feel good? For fellow bloggers Jason Gray and Edmund Yeo the answer is "It can't." Both were in attendance at this year's Tokyo Project Gathering, a co-production market held in tandem with the Tokyo International Film Festival and TIFFCOM where filmmakers and producers can come together to pitch new films. It was in this capacity that the "Branded to Kill" and "Princess Raccoon" director took the stage. As we reported back in September Suzuki is planning to direct his 55th feature, "Mitsu no Aware", an erotic tale between an aged author and his goldfish that transforms into a beautiful woman.

Yeo actually managed to snap a couple pictures of Suzuki (above) as he made his pitch for the project and the director assured everyone in attendance that despite battling severe emphysema and failing eye sight that he will continue to make films, of course as long as they can get funding. Here's hoping that happened or happens as a result of his appearance at the Tokyo Project Gathering and we get the chance to experience a new Suzuki film soon.

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