Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Teaser trailer for "Shonen Meriken Sakku" at Nippon Cinema

by Chris MaGee

Normally I try and include new trailers and teasers with our weekly trailer feature here on the blog, but sometimes a trailer hits for a film that we've been following for a long time and Kankuro Kudo's "Shonen Meriken Sakku" is one of those films. (Check out our most recent news reports on it here and here.) It's only fitting that the first English language blogger to get hold of the teaser trailer for this punk rock comedy starring Aoi Miyazaki, Tomorowo Taguchi and Koichi Sato is Kevin Ouellette over at Nippon Cinema. He's been the source of information on this film from the very beginning and I think that the teaser he's posted is perfect. Any of you fans of Sogo Ishii and his seminal 1982 punk rock film "Burst City" out there will recognize how Kudo has lifted the first few moments of that film for this and it's a really nice touch.

Enough of my gabbing though. Click here to visit Nippon Cinema and treat yourself to the first look at "Shonen Meriken Sakku".

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