Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Anime "Bubblegum Crisis" to go live-action

by Chris MaGee

Can't say that I'm up on my "Bubblegum Crisis" (that just sounded strange), but apparently the late-80s animated series set in a future Tokyo, known as Megatokyo, that's been split down the middle by a massive earthquake and is beset by genetically engineered baddies called "boomers" will be turned into a live-action film by Singapore-based media company, Axxis. The film is only in the pre-production stage right now, so there's no word as to which actresses will be suiting up to portray The Knight Sabers (above), an all female law-enforcement team who battle the "boomers" and try and keep peace on the streets of Megatokyo, but Axxis has kept mentioning computer-graphics in the same breath with live-action, so it's a safe bet that when whoever plays The Knight Sabers will be getting a little (or probably a lot) of CGI assistance in their futuristic adventures.

For a taste of what you can expect from the live-action/ CGI "Bubblegum Crisis" check out this YouTube teaser of the original animated series. Thanks to Anime News Network for the report.

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