Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hiroki Matsukata lands the big tuna... the really big tuna

by Chris MaGee

When you hear the name Hiroki Matsukata you tend to think of a real yakuza hard ass, and why wouldn't you? The now 66-year-old actor rose to fame depicting hard-as-nails gnagsters in such films as Kinji Fukasaku's "Battles Without Honor and Humanity" and Sadao Nakajima's "Okinawa Yakuza War", but according to a report over at Japan Zone Matsukata is a lot more than an enka singing, tattooed thug. It turns out he's a prize-winning fisherman!

The veteran actor recently took part in the Hagi Kuromaguro Fishing Tournament off the coast of Mishima Island in Yamaguchi Prefecture and he managed to reel in a tuna... a really, REALLY big tuna. The fish weighed in at over 300kg, although event orgnaizers couldn't tell how much more because their scales maxed out at the 300kg mark. That's a lot of sushi!

Click the link above to see the proud fisherman standing with his catch, and thanks to Patrick Macias and Cherry Blossom Eiga for the image of Matsukata's fishing board game (!!!) above.

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