Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A look at Tak Sakaguchi's sophomore film "Samurai Zombie" at Nippon Cinema

by Chris MaGee

I know there are a lot of Tak Sakaguchi fans out there. I'm definitely one, so when Kevin Ouellette over at Nippon Cinema snagged a gallery of stills and a short clip from the action star's sophomore directorial effort "Samurai Zombie" I got pretty excited.

I haven't been lucky enough to have seen Sakaguchi's directorial debut, "Be a Man! Samurai School" but Pow-Wow writer Matt Hardstaff did and he was impressed with how the "Versus" and "Death Trance" star amped up the realistic, gritty action (read his review here), but with "Samurai Zombie" it looks like he and screenwriter Ryuhei Kitamura are going just as much for laughs as they are for action.

Starring comedian Yakkun Sakuraduka (the guy with the wild pompadour) "Samurai Zombie" follows a family who while out on a road trip get sidetracked not only by a gang of gun toting thugs, but also by some... well, yeah, you guessed it... samurai zombies. I bet Naoto Takenaka isn't pleased with this one as "Samurai Zombie" is probably going to take a bit of fire away from his own zombie samurai comedy "Yamagata Scream". Oh well...

Click here to check out all the undead action.

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