Tuesday, November 25, 2008

School girls and big blue... somethings... in "Pyocotan Profile"

by Chris MaGee

Why do I feel like a dirty old man watching the trailer for Ryutaro Kajino's "Pyocotan Profile"
that's been posted over at Nippon Cinema? I mean, once you get past the nearly incomprehensible plot involving high school girls who set sail for Gomuniku Island (which translates out to "Rubber Meat Island" to capture a Pyocotan, which I'm assuming is the guy in the blue mascot suit, well, once you get past that there's something unseemly about the whole thing. The trailer stops just short of having the girls jump around and flash their underwear, but I just get a weird feeling that this one is geared towards creepy middle-aged men who get off on underage girls as it is on actual underage girls.

You be the judge. Follow the link above to watch the trailer and while you're at it check out the official site for "Pyocotan Profile" here.

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