Sunday, November 2, 2008

More trailers! "Heibon Ponch" at Nippon Cinema

by Chris MaGee

I wish I could be half as quick on the draw as Kevin Ouellette over at Nippon Cinema because he's got his hands on the full trailer for Sakichi Sato's live-action adaptation of George Asakura's manga "Heibon Punch". As we'd reported back in July Sato, who not only penned the screenplay for Takashi Miike's mindbending yakuza film "Gozu", but also directed the equally bent 2005 comedy "Tokyo Zombie", has cast himself as Aki Mishima, an overweight film director who must hit the road with Mika, (Rina Akiyama) an aspiring actress who has killed another young starlet. As they try and evade police Aki's appearance shifts from his normal pudgy self to a svelte handsome young man.

Although not as out there as "Tokyo Zombie" this film looks like a lot of fun, plus we have a hold over from that previous film, namely Sho Aikawa as what looks like to be a police detective pursuing Aki and Mika. Add to that that there's a hell of a lot of boobs and some extremely tight daisy dukes on display and you really can't go wrong.

Heibon Ponch" will be released in Japanese theatres on November 22nd.

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