Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tadanobu Asano and the full "Donju" trailer at Twitch

by Chris MaGee

A lot of folks (myself included) have been waiting to see a full trailer for the big screen adaptation of Kankuro Kudo's 2004 stage play "Donju (Dumb Animal)" that was announced back in July and is currently being filmed by first time feature director Hideaki Hosono. Well, the wait has come to an end. The ever vigilant eye of Todd Brown has got that full trailer over at Twitch and it looks pretty damn funny. Of course it has the recently clean cut Tadanobu Asano taking the lead role as, Dekogawa, an author who has disappeared and may or may not have been killed... many, many times over.

After you've checked out the trailer those Japanese literate out there can head over to check out the official site for "Donju" due out in theatres in May of next year.

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