Sunday, November 23, 2008

Teruyo Nogami and the Tokyo Filmex jury open this year's fest

by Chris MaGee

As we'd reported back in October Akira Kurosawa's longtime friend and collaborator Teruyo Nogami had been chosen to sit on the jury for this year's Tokyo Filmex Film Festival (for those who need a refresher here's a small article I wrote about this remarkable woman in June).

Along with Nogami (center) this year's jury is comprised of (from left to right) Korean filmmaker Il-Gon Song, President of the Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Leon Cakoff, Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka-Fai and French film critic Isabelle Regnier.

Blogger Edmund Yeo was there at the opening, so make sure to check out his report. We'll be keeping an eye online for any big news from the fest.

Thanks to Variety Japan for the image.

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