Sunday, November 23, 2008

YouTube, the Japanese and the hazard of dead links

I just wanted to write this quick apology for all of you out there who might try browsing our old Weekly Trailer posts. Since the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow began I've tried to post trailers for both old and new Japanese films on a weekly basis as a way to promote was hase come before and what is coming soon to Japanese theatres and to North American video stores.

Unfortunately two of my best sources for Japanese trailers have been shut down by YouTube. This has left the blog and Facebook groups with a lot of dead links. To be fair it's most likely not YouTube's doing. Japanese rights holders have been particularly harsh with the video sharing site before and continue to chase down users posting their property illegally, even if it's done as a means of generating interest in Japanese cinema.

So again, my/ our apologies, but this loss doesn't mean that we will stop posting weekly trailers here on the blog. Lord knows, nothing's permanent, so when you check our Friday updates make sure to watch the trailers while they're there to watch. Maybe at some point in the near future I'll find an alternative source for our trailers, but for now we'll all just have to put up with this kind of inconvenience. - Chris MaGee

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