Thursday, January 8, 2009

Naoto Takenaka and the cast of "Yamagata Scream" to do their turn on the Paris runway

by Chris MaGee

Word on Naoto Takenaka's upcoming school girls vs. samurai zombies horror/ comedy "Yamagata Scream" have been really few and far between since it was announced way back in the Spring of last year. Little dribs and drabs have leaked out, but overall the production has been pretty quiet.

Now there's word from Tokyograph that director Naoto Takenaka (above right), along with the films stars Riko Narumi and Ikki Sawamura, will be appearing during Paris Fashion Week as part of the MASATOMO runway show. Designer Maji Masatomo (above left) has been creating the costumes for the film and Narumi and Sawamura will both be sporting their onscreen looks as a school girl and a samurai while Takenaka will be as flashy as usual in a leopard print suit.

The show will be taking place on January 25th, so we'll keep our eyes open for photos to share with you.

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