Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Dog in a Sidecar - Kichitaro Negishi (2007)

Based on a novel by Yu Nagashima "Dog in a Sidecar" tells of a momentous summer in the life of fourth grader Kaoru. After her mother suddenly disappears her father quickly replaces her with Yoko (Yoko Takeuchi), a brash, crude and feisty woman who will help take care of Kaoru and her siblings. What follows is a bittersweet coming of age comedy set during the 1980s.

Blood is Dry - Kiju Yoshida (1961)

When a man newly laid off from a large insurance company threatens to blow his rains out with a pistol he becomes more than a news story, he becomes a social phenomena. A female newspaper reporter hears about this man and decides that he'd be perfect for an ad campaign. Soon the man isn't just one man standing up for what's right, but a brand name.

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