Thursday, February 5, 2009

Asano gets put through the ringer in the second teaser for "Donju"

by Chris MaGee

In November there was a real tease of a teaser trailer for Tadanobu Asano's upcoming comedy "Donju (Dumb Animal)", but now, thanks to the man with the trailers Kevin Ouellette at Nippon Cinema, we can get a chance to see more of this adaptation of the Kankuro Kudo stage play. In this second teaser we get to see exactly what the reports have meant when they've said that Tadanobu Asano's character, an author named Dekogawa, may or may not have been killed many, many times over. Kind of reminds me of one of those old Warner Brothers "Roadrunner" cartoons.

See exactly what we're talking about by heading over to Nippon Cinema to get a looks. "Donju" is set to hit Japanese theatres in May.

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