Monday, February 9, 2009

Takashi Miike premieres "Yatterman" at New York Comic Con

by Chris MaGee

As we reported on January 21st Takashi Miike came to the New York Comic Con this past weekend to premiere his latest film, the 1970s anime adaptation "Yatterman". Along with the "Ichi the Killer" and "Sukiyaki Western Django" director the film's star Sho Sakurai came to meet fans, sign some autographs and introduce the world to Gan-chan, Ai-chan and the villainess Doronjo.

Regular readers of the site know that my expectations for "Yatterman" haven't been that high, but according to a review by Grady Hendrix posted at Twitch it like a really fun ride along the lines of "The Great Yokai War", plus the visuals sound like a knockout, "...watching Yatterman was like getting Candyland poured in your eyes." No small praise.

According to a report at The New York Daily News "Yatterman" represents the largest budget that Miike has ever had to play with, but don't let that get you thinking that our favorite shock-meister has gone and sold out. "I'm sure I'll end up making some more horror films in the future, just with the natural flow of things. Maybe we'll make a film like 'Ichi the Killer,' but powered up, taken to the next level." Yikes!

Beyond the New York Daily News interview though Kevin Ouellette at Nippon Cinema has posted links to a four-part video interview that the folks at Fangoria conducted with Miike over the weekend in which he just doesn't discuss "Yatterman", but his earlier more controversial films like the banned from U.S. cable TV film "Imprint". You can watch all the four parts here.

Lastly, for all of you who couldn't make the trip down to New York to get your autograph you can always have the virtual experience care of YouTube below.

Thanks to for the pic above (with Outcast Cinema's Marc Walkow sitting beside the man of honour.)

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