Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Japan Society New York gets Krazy! with anime, manga and video games

by Chris MaGee

The Japan Society New York is always a hub for Japanese and cinematic culture, but so far this year it seems that they're really ramping things up with some very impressive events. We've already told you about "Shinjuku Ecstasy", a program of 12 Art Theater Guild films running from February 18th to March 1st, but hot on the heels of that retrospective The Japan Society will be hosting "Krazy! The Delirious World of Anime, Manga and Video Games".

The event which highlights these three major artistic forms and their effect on global culture, especially youth culture, was originally organized by Bruce Grenville, Tim Johnson, Kiyoshi Kusumi, Art Spiegelman, Seth, Will Wright and Toshiya Ueno for the Vancouver Art Gallery last summer and its appearance at The Japan Society will mark the first major exhibition of its kind in New York.

What can visitors expect? Quite a bit: an exhibition of the work of eight leading contemporary manga artists, anime being shown in six mini-theatres simultaneously, a manga café, gaming consoles and a cosplay party on March 28th. All of this will take place in an environment designed by Atelier Bow-Wow that evokes the "clamorous cityscape of Tokyo" and will feature life-sized inflatable anime characters and sculptures.

You can get more details on "Krazy! The Delirious World of Anime, Manga and Video Games" at the Japan Society's website, or you can check out the promotional video below to get a peek at what they have in store for visitors between March 13th and June 14th.

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