Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More details on Kankuro Kudo's and Sadao Abe's "Nakumonka"... plus your chance to be an extra

by Chris MaGee

In mid-December Toho unveiled their 2009 line-up at a press conference in Tokyo and amongst the films that were announced was "Nakumonka (No Tears)". It reunites the team of director Nobuo Mizuta, screenwriter Kankuro Kudo and star Sadao Abe, the trio that brought us the 2007 comedy "Maiko Haaaan!!!", but besides that very little was known about the project. That changed today when Tokyograph released additional cast and plot information for the comedy due out in April.

"Nakumonka" tells the story of Abe's character, a young man from a broken home who lives a quiet life running a restaurant while courting the daughter of the original owner of the establishment, played by Yuko Takeuchi (Heaven's Bookstore, The Glorious Team Batista), who has gone from being an ugly duckling to a beautiful woman. Their story is contrasted with that of a hot young comedian, played by Eita (Azumi, Dororo), who unbeknownst to Abe's character is his long lost younger brother.

Production on "Nakumonka" just go under way, if you move fast you can get a chance of appearing in the film! The deadline is today, but if you live in the Tokyo area and are between the ages of 18 and 30 the producers of "Nakumonka" need 200 of you for various crowd scenes in Tokyo as well as Okinawa. You can get details here. More details on "Nakumonka" as they come in.

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