Friday, February 13, 2009

A new trailer for "Oppai Bare", but still no Oppai

by Chris MaGee

Everyone's excited about Haruka Ayase's boobs in what appears to be the final full trailer for her upcoming comedy "Oppai Bare (Boobs Volleyball)". Everybody's yelling "Sensei no oppai o misete kudasai!" (Please show us your boobs, Teacher!) and "Oppai miru zo!" (Let's see some boobs!), but just like the first teaser trailer there's not even a glimpse of cleavage. I mean I don't consider myself a male chauvinist pig, but there's such a thing as truth in advertising.

As it stands now "Oppai Bare" looks like a play on the feel good formula of such films as "Water Boys" and "Swing Girls", but with a healthy dose of adolescent hormones thrown into the mix. It really doesn't get my hopes up, but if you want to see everything but boobs head over to Nippon Cinema to get a peek at this one due out in Japan on April 18th.

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