Monday, February 9, 2009

Promo materials for "Ike-chan to Boku" begin popping up online

by Chris MaGee

A few weeks back the promotional machine started to grind away for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Rieko Saibara's indie manga "Ike-chan to Boku (Ike-chan and Me)". First a press conference was held with stars Arashi Fukazawa who plays a young boy with an imaginary friend he calls Ike-chan, voiced by actress Yu Aoi, fielded questions and Aoi gave a demo of her dubbing her characters dialogue, and now we've got a a slew of other promo materials for the film popping up online.

First Nippon Cinema has scored the theatrical one sheet for the film that had me dying for summer, green foliage and sunny beaches (stupid winter!)

Then the folks at Cinema Today posted a full gallery of stills from "Ike-chan to Boku" that features some suspect looking CGI being used for Ike-chan. Of course how much realism can you bring to a featureless ghost blob, but the little guy looks very superimposed throughout the gallery. Thankfully the subtitled clip from the film that has leaked onto YouTube looks a lot better (you can check it out below for the time being), so let's hope that those pics weren't from completed footage.

Toshihiko Ooka's "Ike-chan to Boku" will be released in Japanese theatres later this year.

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