Thursday, March 26, 2009

French film site EigaGoGo! gets revamped and revitalized

by Chris MaGee

I like EigaGoGo!, the French-language Japanese film website run by Caen, France-based blogger Martin Vieillot, but now that the site has been revamped and revitalized with a snazzy new look and bilingual content there's even more to like. I had been speaking with Martin for quite some time about this new version of his site, but had been sworn to secrecy about it, but now it's gone live and looks great. It also features a great interview with long time Shuji Terayama assisitant and collaborator Henrikku Morisaki about his years working with the Japanese avant-garde master.

You can check out everything EigaGoGo! by simply clicking here. Great work, Martin!

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