Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The trailer for the Kotaro Isaka omnibus film "Rush Life" hits the net

by Chris MaGee

Last month we told you about how Kotaro Isaka's 2002 novel "Rush Life" was being brought to the screen by four recent graduates of Tokyo University's Graduate School of Film and New Media. These new directors, Tetsuya Mariko, Tomoko Toyama, Tadashi Nohara, and Mai Nishino, brought some big talent on board including Itsuji Itao and Masato Sakai (above) to tell four separate stories: the first about a professional thief, the next revolving around a man who finds religion after his father takes his own life, the third that follows a recently downsized salaryman, and finally the story of an unethical marriage counsellor.

Now the trailer for this fascinating sounding collaboration has hit the net, and for a film made by four young directors it looks remarkably uniform in tone. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but after watching it (and liking it a lot) I was surprised when I revisited the original report and was reminded that it was in fact an omnibus film. All the footage in the trailer, as well as the choice of music, screams American indie along the lines of Jim Jarmusch or even a touch of Hal Hartley.

Check out the trailer below as well as the film's official site here. Thanks to for pointing the way to this.


logboy said...

...the official site has it as "lush life"... i suppose it's ambiguous, as the man says...

Chris MaGee said...

I saw that, yaeh. It's been bopped around as either or online because the katakana can read either way. May have to switch things up. Thanks!